Zip Password Tool

Zip Password Tool

Zip Password Tool is a neat tool that will show you the passwords for ZIP files
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The more passwords we use, the bigger are the chances that we forget them. Noting them down is always a good decision, but timely prevention is often just a nice theory and rarely an applied measure. That’s why tools like this one have been created. Zip Password Tool is able to recover the lost or forgotten passwords for your ZIP files. It is actually a password cracker that will mainly use brute force in order to retrieve the password for a ZIP archive.

In my opinion, the neat and compact interface suits well this simple tool. Though it can’t be resized or customized, the interface is not worth being criticized, as it isn't exactly important aspect of this program. The important parts of this tool are its reliability and accuracy. It was able to crack and show me the exact 4-character, letters-only password for a ZIP file in just a few seconds. Anyway, recovering longer and more complicated passwords could take much more time.

Another thing that I like about this tool is that it lets you select what characters it should use when trying to crack that password using brute force. Brute force is not the only method used by this tool to recover passwords, as it can also use dictionary files in this attempt.

In an end note, the name is not the only simple thing about Zip Password Tool. Its interface and the way it works are simple as well, and so is the conclusion about it: if you have the money to buy its full version and the time to wait for it to finish its job, it will eventually provide you with the password for any ZIP file.

Rory Shaffer
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Review summary


  • Can use two recovery methods: brute force and dictionaries
  • Neat and compact interface
  • Shows a progress bar that helps estimate how long it will take to recover a password


  • Could take quite a while to recover longer and more intricate passwords
  • Trial version will not recover passwords longer than 4 characters, which makes this tool quite difficult to evaluate
  • The interface can not be resized or customized
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